June 2020

Saturday 13th, I see Matt and Dave got out to Big Drop and the Mussell Farm, conditions looked good.

Monday 8th, dived NE Bowen. 10-12m vis, blue water, 17 degrees. Giant grey leatherjackets, some spotted sawtail, which are a little skittish and I don't often see. Very fishy dive.

June 2019

Monday 10th, dived the Wandra. Maybe 4m vis and 20 degrees. Seals buzzed us on the wreck.

May 2019

Sunday 26th, dived the Wandra. About 15m vis and 20 degrees. No sign of Con but some Port Jacksons, schools of pomfreds, pike, mado and some groper. Seals came to play as we did our stop on the reef. Dived Smugglers Cave on the way back to Jervis Bay. Flat seas, and minimal surge. A nice wobbly and a PJ in the cave, groper, Eastern Wirrah, mado, chromas and yellowtail. Swam through the cave, went through some swimthroughs out the other side, then eventually found the cave entrance again and swam back through.

Sunday 19th, 20+m vis on the wreck of the Wandra, the seals also came to play. On the wreck of the firefly the vis was nearly 10m, until you got within a metre of the bottom, then it was about 1m vis.

Saturday 18th. North Bowen Island was pretty good. The further East we swam the clearer it got, but to the West it got a bit dirty. In the Nursery it was about 8m vis. 20 degrees. Didn't manage to find any giant grey leatherjackets.

December 2018

Monday 24th. JBDC xmas eve dive. That was fun. John, Kathy and Mel dived the nursery, while Ian and Andrew headed to the docks. 21 degrees, about 10m vis we saw the usual suspects and Ian found a nice sized occy. I think Ian was a stripper in an earlier life as he kept taking his gear off underwater! Though Mel and John also had some interesting stories about turning on a scuba tank then turning it off for the dive, and John deciding to test out the pee zipper in his drysuit, inadvertently, while on the dive. We had Rosco as a deckie on Ian's boat which meant we were quite spoiled, with anchor lowering and raising and boat launching and retrieving all taken care of. Valet scuba diving.I felt quite spoiled myself, I didn't even bother navigating but just followed Uncle Ian who brought us right back to the anchor. Today, you could have dived anywhere, the Arch, Spider Cave, anywhere. Especially with our own deckie to babysit the boat. Make sure you get out there groovers, it's not like this all the time!

Monday 3rd, Martin's Wall, otherwise known as Big Drop. About 15m vis at the surface, well over 20m vis and blue at the bottom. 18 degrees, schooling fish, kingfish, a little wobbly and a jellyfish.

November 2018

Sunday we took the divers to Point Perpendicular, 12-15m vis, swimthroughs, 20 degrees. Then we went to the Wall at North Bowen where we found seedy wee dragons, some giant grey leatherjackets and other regular customers. Similar water temperature and visibility.

June 2018

Saturday on The Arch, 30m vis Sunday at the Stinky Seals, 15-20m vis, playful seals. Sunday at North Bowen, 15-20m vis.

May 2018

Sunday on The Arch. 18 degrees, 20m+ vis, blue, lots of life.

Midweek dive at Stoney Creek, 19 degrees, 20m plus vis, blue, but some current.

Midweek dive on The Arch. It's still 19 degrees, 15-20m vis and blue.

April 2018

Out the front as the conditions improve. North of Point Perp a little for a dive at “Big Drop”, aka “Martin's wall”.19 degrees and 15-18m vis. I haven't dived here since the '90's. A great day to be on the water.

March 2018

More wind and swell, but the water is still warm and 10M greenish visibility around North East Bowen Island.

February 2018

Due to the wind and the swell, we ended up at Bowen Island in the nursery. The divers weren't disappointed though. Lots of Giant Grey Leatherjackets, 20 degree water and 10 metre vis at least.

July 2017

Due to the big swells we didn't venture out of the bay, fortunately there was a lot of East in the swell, so the Docks was relatively unaffected. Some giant grey leather jackets, cuttlefish, rays and the usual suspects.

May 2017

Up to the Drum for some wreck diving! 20m plus visibility on the Wandra, I managed to put the pick within 10m of the boiler so I was pretty stoked. Still, following the law of divers, some managed to go the wrong way and miss the wreck. I even drew a map! So for the next dive I gave those that missed the wreck the option of going to find it again, successfully this time, before joining the others with the stinky seals. The seals were quite playful, though there's only a small colony this year. 10-15m vis with the seals, some divers had the seals with them 3 times during the dive, some only caught up with the seals when they ascended at the end. Some of the divers reckoned the seal dive was their best dive ever, though they haven't been diving that long. Lara and Dylan enjoyed taking divers onto the wreck I think. I was absolutely stoked. I've got to work out how to get more customers onto this site, and with a crew that can look after the boat while I dive it with them :-)

April 2017

Andrew's report, Monday 17th

Up to the Drum for the first dive, a little seal action, some boar fish and reasonable viz. Down to the Nursery for the second dive, Giant Grey Leatherjackets, bull rays, an eagle ray, friendly groper, and the usual suspects.

Second trip was to the Wall on Bowen Island, again, Giant Grey Leatherjackets, weedies, and normal suspects. Second dive in the Nursery, more Giant Grey Leatherjackets, wobblies, an eagle ray, lots of occies and some cuttlefish.

Andrew's report, Sunday 9th.

Giant Grey Leatherjackets hanging around in the nursery. Very active and a little inquisitive. Eastern Blue Devil fish, groper and bull rays.

Andrew's report, Sunday 2nd.

Giant Grey Leatherjackets hanging around North Bowen, visibility up to 10m with the incoming tide. Seedy Wee Dragons also for the photographers to chase.

Warren's report, Saturday 1st.

Up to 18m vis at The Drum and the seals are very playful.

January 2017

Andrew's report, Sunday 15th.

Giant Grey Leatherjackets still in the nursery area, visibility up to 10m. The second dive on the Wall was a little clearer, more Giant Grey Leatherjackets. cuttlefish and blue groper.

Andrew's report, Sunday 8th.

We took a group of divers to the Nursery, while still a little green the vis was between 10 and 15m, a large giant and probably pregnant, giant grey leatherjacket that has been sighted often recently and the other usual suspects.

The second dive was at the docks. 20m vis and nearly blue.

December 2016

Andrew's report, Wednesday 28th.

I drove the afternoon boat today, I was told that the conditions at the Docks were quite nice and with strong Nor-Easters we headed there. It was a green 4m vis dive, but the divers found the usual Eastern Blue Devil fish, moray eels, groper, old wives and some fish I couldn't identify given their description. Taking my book from now on. With the winds being very strong, and us running behind schedule, we decided to do a live drop for the second dive just in front of double decker cave, and they'd swim west from there. Up to 15m vis and not green at all, they got into slot cave and had an enjoyable dive. About 18-20 degrees Celcius.

Andrew's report, Sunday 18th.

Well the summer conditions are officially here, and that means we get to see a lot of Bowen Island. Our first dive was in the nursery. It wasn't too bad, up to 10m visibility and some divers got to see the resident giant grey leatherjackets. The second dive was on the wall, divers reported that it was about 15m visibility and saw cuttlefish, wobbegongs, blue devil fish and the other normal suspects. 18 degrees Celcius.

Andrew's report, Sunday 11th.

I took a group of divers to The Arch today. It was wobbly, washing machine style. Took us three goes to get the anchor where we wanted and despite having sea sick tablets, I was touch and go queasy. The vis wasn't fantastic, the divers reported that it was up to 8m and green, but opened up when they got deeper than 30m to about 15m vis.

Second dive was a live drop on North Bowen (after a stomach calming interval in the nursery). My divers didn't report but Ross and Lyn finally got back in the water with Uncle Ian and Alana, Rossco reckons a generous 8-10m vis. (As in, more like 5-8 metres than 8-10). Bowen was the place to be, all the cool kids were there, Waz also had a boat load of divers there, I didn't hear from him afterwards but he did two dives there so must have been semi-ok.

Jason's report, Saturday 10th,

Good dive on Saturday with Matthew Lawrence and Lisa, with Colin Apps turning up in his boat. Dived at The Nursery with viz dropping from 8m down to 5m by the time I came up last. Hurt knee, so piked out of the second dive.

Matt's report. Monday 5th

Went for a quick dive yesterday afternoon on the northern scallop beds. Water temp 22.5° really climbing rapidly compared to 16-17° only a few weeks ago. Water clarity, particularly in the top 10m, noticeably improved. Even in the darkish conditions the vis inside the bay was the best I have seen for a while.“

November 2016

Andrew's report, Sunday 20th.

We took the divers to The Docks today. about 5-12 metres vis beneath 8m and 18 degrees in the water. A juvenile Blue Devil fish seems to have been the highlight of the dives, however everyone was smiling and happy so they had a good time, even though a few people got out early as they were cold. Have a good fitting wetsuit if you still haven't got a drysuit, and wear a hood. The winds were light enough in the morning that if I had the right group, I could have taken them out the front, Ronnie's Cathedral and the Streets would have been my pick of dives today if I had the choice.

Andrew's report, Sunday 6th.

About 3-5m vis and 17 degrees in the Nursery and on the Wall at Bowen Island for our first dive. For our second dive we tried the North side, between Pinnacle Rock and the Outer Tubes where we were sheltered from the swell. 10-12m vis (and not green). The divers reported some interesting anemones including a tiger anemone, a giant grey leatherjacket and a clown toby with the anemones.

August 2016

Andrew's report, Sunday 28th

About 10-15m vis at the Drum, seals a little shy but another boat stayed for two dives and were rewarded with playful seals on the second dive.

10-15m vis at the Whorehouse/Labyrinth/Ronnie's Cathedral. Blue water, lots of comb jellies and Port Jacksons.

Warren's report, Saturday 6th

About 4m vis at the Drum, dropped on the Wall, NW Bowen Island, about 15m vis, back into the Nursery which was about 8m vis. Lots of Port Jacksons still around and some wobbegongs as well.

July 2016

Warren's report, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th.

Saturday was the pick of the weekend. Spider Cave on Saturday morning followed by St Georges Head. 12-15m vis. Sunday the swell started to come up but some nice diving up at the Drum with 10-12m vis diving with the stinky seals.

Tom Kennedy's report. Sunday 17th.

Was good. Chilly, but the water was decently clear - I'd say almost 10m vis at points. Spider Cave and Mo's Rock. Stacks of Port Jackson's. A resident seal came to check us out between dives too. Nice morning on the water

Andrew's report, Sunday 3rd

First dive at The Drum. Up to 10m vis but green. The seals not very playful.

Second dive was at East Bowen Island, North of the Cotton Fields. Up to 15m vis, blue water. Schools of port jackson sharks, wobbegongs and some rays. If you feel like diving in this area and find our anchor, we'd like it back :-)

Matt's report, Sunday 3rd

First dive was at The Arch, 16 degrees and 5m vis.

Second dive at Spider Cave, 15-20m vis, 18 degrees.

June 2016

Andrew's report: (Sunday 26th)

We took a boat load of divers to North Bowen on Sunday. The South East swell was rolling in, making it a little uncomfortable, but the divers took it in their stride, and came out grinning like cheshire cats on crack.

It was a blue 15m vis day, a little cool at 16 degrees C but they had mating port jackson sharks, rays, wobbies, a variety of schooling fish and had a great dive.

Our second dive was on the wall, when they finished they swam into the nursery. Again they were very happy with the conditions. Clear water, Giant Cuttlefish, big Wobbegongs, Eastern Blue Devil fish and a variety of schooling fish.

Warren's report: (Saturday 25th)

8-10m vis at The Drum on Saturday. First dive at Echo Point, the second with the seals. The seals were very playful. The visibility varied a bit with some clouds of suspended “green stuff” spoiling the visibility a bit at times, but still, it was pretty good considering how bad it was two weeks ago.

Matt's report: (Friday 24th)

Hi folks, a update on the dive conditions. As many of you are aware we have had some pretty poor conditions over the past month. We got out for a dive today, we visited the southern scallop beds, and managed to get in before the strong NW winds arrived. We had 15-16c and around 8m vis.

We found 2 blue lined octopus and 5 of the amazing lined nudibranchs, with one eating a sea pen.

A very nice dive, so its well worth while dusting off your cameras and visiting this great critter spot