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 The 202- committee is composed of: The 202- committee is composed of:
-Konnie Apps - President\\ +Mel Bradford-Bell - President\\ 
 John McDermott - Vice President\\  John McDermott - Vice President\\ 
 Andrew Perry - Secretary\\  Andrew Perry - Secretary\\ 
 Kathy McDermott - Treasurer\\  Kathy McDermott - Treasurer\\ 
-Karin Smith - Committee\\  +David Lamb - Committee\\  
-Matthew Lawrence - Committee\\ +Alana Longston - Committee\\ 
-Lisa Bretherton - Committee\\  +Sue King - Committee\\  
-Ian Longston - Social Committee\\  +Kathy McDermott - Social Committee Chairperson\\  
-Alana Longston - Social Committee\\ +Ian Longston - Social Committee\\ 
-Mel Bradford-Bell - Social Committee\\ +Mick Saliwon - Social Committee\\ 
-David Lamb - Social Committee\\+Gabe Stosic - Social Committee\\
 ===== Jervis Bay Divers Club on Facebook ===== ===== Jervis Bay Divers Club on Facebook =====